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Beginner's Guide: 5 tips to improve your paddleboarding technique!

by james bourassa on Oct 26, 2022

Beginner's Guide: 5 tips to improve your paddleboarding technique!

You just got your first board and you can't wait to go on an adventure? The Quebec SUP team gives you 5 tips to help you understand the basics of paddleboarding. le paddleboarding and how to perform welln The Quebec SUP team gives you 5 tips to help you understand and perform well during your first rides on the water! 🌊 

1. Tame your board...on your knees!

Even if the sport seems easy, the Quebec SUP team strongly advises you to start your first ride on your knees. This will allow you to understand how to balance your weight to maintain a good balance. Once you are comfortable, stand up slowly with your knees slightly bent and paddle gently, using your best side.



2. Watch your posture!

On calm water, your feet should remain parallel, on either side of the handle. This will allow you to be as stable as possible on your SUP This will allow you to be as stable as possible on your board and to keep as much of your surface in contact with the water as possible. The more your board touches the water, the better the gliding effect will be.



3. Push, don't pull!

A common mistake among beginners is the wrong use of the paddle. It is essential to push on your paddle with your hand on the handle, rather than pulling with your hand holding the shaft. By pushing on the paddle and forming a "J" movement, you will be able to reach a much more interesting paddling speed and avoid injuries.


4. Falling down to get up again.

Falls happen! Don't worry, falling on a SUP, even if you are an expert, ist very common. When you lose your balance, try to fall to the side rather thanforward or backward, as you may fall onto your board. Falling to the sides will reduce your chances of injury. Also, keep the handle of your paddle in your hand so you don't lose it (most paddles float, but it' s best not to have to swim for a long time to find it, to conserve your energy). To get back on your boat, stand in the middle of the side of the board, put the paddle on it, and pull yourself up!

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Practice going out when conditions on the water are less calm, or on water you are less familiar with. This will allow you to adjust your posture and technique to the environment in which you are paddling. The Quebec SUP team also recommends that you try SUP Yoga, which will help you improve your stability and flexibility on the board!

Now that you know the basics, we wish you a summer full of sunshine and fun hikes!


-The QuebecTeam SUP🏄🏽♂️