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The 10 coolest spots for paddle boarding near Vancouver

by Maria Michaud on May 24, 2023

The 10 coolest spots for paddle boarding near Vancouver

The 10 coolest spots for paddle boarding near Vancouver

Discover the wonderful paddle boarding spots near Vancouver and dive into an unforgettable water adventure! With its beautiful coastline, picturesque bays and crystal clear lakes, British Columbia is a paddle boarder's paradise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, Vancouver has everything you need to satisfy your passion for water activities. So, get your board ready, put on your life jacket and enjoy some pure SUP fun near Vancouver!

1. Stanley Park

This park holds a very important place in the hearts of Vancouver's residents and is also a popular tourist destination. It will allow you to enjoy a SUP trip without going far from the city, but still having access to breathtaking scenery.  

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2. Deep Cove

Located north of Vancouver, this small village is the perfect place to cool off on a hot sunny day in the city. The water access point is very close to the city center, but the place will make you feel like you are miles away. It is also possible to rent boards nearby.  

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3. Alouette Lake

Located in Golden ears Provincial Park, this lake is only 45 minutes from the city.  The water in the lake is translucent and clean, but relatively cold throughout the year. The best time to venture out is in the morning, as the afternoons are particularly windy. Motorboats are allowed on the lake, so while its size allows for both types of watercraft, it's best to paddle along the shoreline.  

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4. Alice Lake

This lake is located in the village of Squamish, 1 hour drive from Vancouver.  There is a campground on site as well as several hiking trails accessible to all fitness levels. The lake is a very touristy place and also very popular with the locals, especially on hot summer days, as it is one of the only places where the water is warm enough for a comfortable swim. We therefore advise you to arrive early in the morning if you are not camping on site. This is definitely a favorite spot for us, and the easy access to the water is a big part of it.  

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5. Brohm Lake

Also located in Squamish, this lake is also a popular spot. People go there especially to jump into the water from the cliff or to jump from the Tarzan rope that are on site.  So you can enjoy the lake for a SUP experience but also have fun jumping in the water if the urge strikes you.  

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6. Garibaldi Lake

This lake is breathtakingly beautiful! It is approximately 1h30 from Vancouver, but the trip is worth it. The lake is in the mountains, so to paddle board there, you will have to work out for a long time! The hike to get there is 9 km, but the trail is very well maintained and the level is intermediate. You can camp around the lake by reserving a camping space in advance. We highly recommend it as the place is simply beautiful and the experience will be more enjoyable if you do the round trip distance over 2 days. Note that you must bring your own inflatable SUP, which requires a little more organization to live the adventure. Find partners and bring one board to share. From the lake, you can leave your heavier equipment and continue on the trail to "Panorama ridge", if you want the full experience. The photo in this article was taken from there. Note that the level of the hike will change from intermediate to advanced, and that the best months to access it are from July to September, since there is snow year round.  

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7. Langford Lake

Located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, this lake is the largest in the area. You'll have to take a ferry to get to the island, but you'll quickly realize that the trip is worth it. What makes this lake a great place to SUP is that it is sheltered from the wind. So from dawn to dusk you'll be able to have a nice and relaxing experience.  

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8. Gonzales Beach

Also located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, this beach is perfect for combining SUP with swimming and beach activities. It's the perfect place to spend time with family, friends or even solo. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, as it's perfect for experiencing the island vibe.  

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9. Gorge Waterway

Also located in Victoria, this waterway is a must for paddle boarding while in Victoria. It's a 6 km stretch of water, which will take you from industrial neighborhoods to nature in no time. You'll also pass a few beautiful bridges.   

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10. Squamish Estuary

Paddle from the Squamish Estuary, under the towering cliffs of Stawamus Chief and Shannon Falls, and travel a memorable nine kilometers to Brittania Beach. Love SUP, coffee and meeting new people? We suggest you join the coffee-SUP tour with "Norm Hann expeditions" to get the full experience.  

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As you may have noticed while reading this, British Columbia is a paradise for both SUP and incredible scenery. Whether it's on the island, in town or further afield to Squamish and Whistler, you'll find places to create unforgettable moments. Pack your suitcase, rent a car and head out on your adventure. Don't forget to share your adventures with our boards, it's always great to hear from you!