Inspired by Canada.

The Wild Wild North.

Our Canadian origins are at the core of the DNA of The Wild Tribe. When you go back in the history of our country you realize how resilient and tough those who came before us were. Whether we're talking about the indigenous people who were able to not only survive but live in those harsh conditions or the people who decided to adopt it as their home, later on, all of them showed amazing adaptation capacities. An ability to thrive out of their comfort zone. To find comfort in discomfort.

That's what The Wild Tribe is about. It's about people who venture where most don't dare. People who willingly step out of their comfort to live, to experience and to thrive.

We created TWT to help them achieve this with affordable and quality gear that is designed and tested here, in the harsh climate of the wild wild north.

Why we're different.

  • Ethical sourcing.

    We ensure that our suppliers have the smallest carbon footprint possible while meeting the highest standards of quality.

  • What you pay for is what you get.

    We pride ourselves in the high quality of our products, but also in their affordability. We do not overspend for fancy stores and offices, nor do we buy multimillion dollars marketing campaigns... And that is reflected in the price you pay!

  • We invest where we live.

    Not just talking about financial investments here. Sure we contribute to the Canadian economy by employing local people and encouraging local businesses, but we also invest time and money to make a difference in causes that we have at heart such as the cleanliness of our bodies of water and the protection of the environment.

Behind The Tribe.

Nicolas Bédard

James Bourassa