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The Wild Tribe products are covered by a limited warranty, as we choose quality materials and manufacturing processes to create durable and reliable products. 

The duration of the warranty is determined by the product in question and is clearly specified on our product webpage.

If you require warranty or support for your products, simply contact us at with the following information:

- Order Number

- Description of the problem

- Pictures and/or video of the problem

*Note, contact without those 3 required informations will not be treated.

Eligibility of the guarantee if:

- When you unpack your product, you notice: a manufacturing or transportation aesthetic defect (Aesthetic defect might not be eligible for a full replacement. Think Sustainability First. You are buying sporting goods, not home decorations), or manufacturing material defect . All claims for manufacturing or aesthetic defects or shortcomings in the order must be reported within the first 72 hours of receipt of the package. 

- Despite proper use and maintenance of the board, you still notice a manufacturing defect. You can find the details to the terms and conditions of the specific limited product warranty on the product page warranty collapsible tab.

Please note that The Wild Tribe will not replace product that is damaged as a result of misuse, external force or accident for which The Wild Tribe is not responsible. This includes, but is not limited to 

- Exposure to excessive heat (direct sunlight, prolonged time , bad storage, etc)

- deterioration due to normal wear and tear 

- displays aesthetic defects that are impossible to achieve with the type of material

- shows signs of wear and tear due to lack of maintenance 

- suffered damage as a result of air transport or any transportation

- has been damaged through negligence, misuse or accident during loading, unloading, transport or handling

- has been used for commercial purposes such as renting, lessons, etc

- has been damaged by impact with other objects

- has been incorrectly repaired or modified by a non qualified repair shop approved by The Wild Tribe

- has been damaged by being stored too wet, too hot or too cold

- has been damaged by natural disasters or accidents, such as fires, floods, etc. Of course, we really don't wish this on you.